Official rules of ‘STABLIX’ staking program

a) Go to ‘STABLIX’ e-wallet site and register using your e-mail address. Be attentive during registration, because a secret phrase will be created at this stage to gain access to your wallet. If for some reason the secret phrase is lost, it can’t be restored.

b) After registration you need to create a new or import an already existing ‘Stellar’ address.

c) After creating or importing the address you need to buy ‘STABLIX’ tokens in the ‘Buy’ section. You can use your credit or debit card, as well as cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, DAI, BCH, DOGE). The purchase amount should be equal to the one you want to invest in ‘STABLIX’ project.

d) After a successful purchase go to ‘SWAP’ section and in the ‘You send’ box enter the amount of ‘STABLIX’ tokens you want to invest in the project. The amount of ‘PROFTIX’ that you get after the exchange will be automatically displayed in the ‘You get’ box (make sure that ‘STABLIX’ and ‘PROFTIX’ currencies are in the ‘You send’ and ‘You get’ boxes, if other currencies are displayed, change them using a switch).

e) After entering the desired amount press the ‘Exchange’ button. And in a few seconds you will see ‘PROFTIX’ tokens on your balance.

f) That’s it. Keep ‘PROFTIX’ tokens on your balance and get daily income.


An automatic snapshot of ‘PROFTIX’ balances will be made from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC every calendar day. The time the snapshot is taken is random, reducing the number of users’ speculations, and thereby reducing the load on the project. The tokens will be sent the next day after fixing according to the interest rate of 0,5% per day. It means, if you have 100 ‘PROFTIX’ on Monday, you’ll receive 0,5 ‘PROFTIX’ (0,5%). ‘PROFTIX’ tokens can be converted any time to ‘STABLIX’ tokens (and vice versa) through the exchange service on the website.

6. We draw your attention to the fact that ‘PROFTIX’ rate is conditionally pegged to ‘STABLIX’ rate within the first stage of the project! ‘PROFTIX’ rate can be artificially lowered by a collegial decision of the managing partners and ‘STABLIX’ community in case of a heavy load on the system reserve.

7. The first stage (with daily payments) will last until ‘STABLIX’ token reaches the capitalization of $10 000 000. After reaching this limit the payment program can be either completely set aside (since it was used as a marketing component for the project development) or changed with another one. The same applies to ‘PROFTIX’ rate, it can increase or decrease depending on the success of the project.

8. ‘STABLIX’ project also provides an opportunity to participate in a bonus program. Invite a friend and instantly get 5% from his/her first two deposits in the project. The bonus is added in ‘PROFTIX’ tokens and can be used for earning extra income or exchanged to other assets (using ‘Swap’ and ‘Sell’ sections in ‘STABLIX’ wallet).

Get your personal invite link in the ‘Affiliate Area’ section on ‘STABLIX’ website to participate in a bonus program.

If you have any questions, please contact us via ‘STABLIX’ telegram community or e-mail .



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